As the Kahya Hotel family, with the awareness and responsibility of being a well-established organization in tourism, to accept all our customers, including children, as guests, to adopt the principle of providing services by blending national and international values, fully fulfilling the requirements of human rights and children's rights,

To act in accordance with the fact that the benefit of children is more important and prioritized than any other benefit, and to carry out continuous improvement studies in order to ensure the continuity of the system,

To accept that all children are entitled individuals,

- The right to life and development

- The rights to protection

- Participation rights

- The right to prevent discrimination

To act together with all stakeholder institutions and organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations and local governments, at the point of implementation of this policy, so that it is adopted and lived in all areas of life,

For this reason, giving importance to education and continuous development in order to ensure that all our personnel are informed about children's rights,

We undertake to take the necessary legal and administrative measures, to improve all necessary conditions and to ensure that children participate more effectively and happily in life within the framework of the Social State understanding included in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and our Constitution.