Kahya Hotel

We built the first hotel of Alanya which had a25 rooms in 1960's.As you know,vision is the catching of wish and willpower of future reality.And thanks to this vision,as Kahyaoğlu Company, we built Kahya Hotel with 80 rooms in 1987.Now Kahya Hotel has 250rooms and 600 beds.We will also have built Kahya Resort with 2500 beds by 2012.
We have accepted as a mission to expand in service industry, get a permanent place and ensure employment.

% 100 customer contentment

  • We believe the value of having permanent guests and see the friendship between our guests and us in long run.
  •  We think instead of our guests and produce enriching solutions suitable for their needs.
  •  It is our main objection to solve our guests' needs and satisfy their expectations with a more qualified service mentality than they expect.

our sincerely,

Kahyaoğlu Tourism and Trade